ExaWorks: Software Development Kit

Documentation Status

ExaWorks Software Development Kit (SDK) offers: (1) packaging for a curated set of workflow software systems; (2) testing of those systems on a number of high performance computing (HPC) platforms managed by the USA Department of Energy (DoE); and (3) tutorials about coding workflow applications with those workflow systems on DoE HPC platforms.

Exaworks SDK supports the workflows needs of diverse users, administrators, and developers. It enables teams to produce scalable and portable workflows for a wide range of exascale applications. SDK does not replace the many workflow solutions already deployed and used by scientists, but rather it provides a packaged, tested and documented collection of community-identified components that can be leveraged by users. SDK contributes to enabling a sustainable software infrastructure for workflows, supporting diverse scientific communities on a variety of DoE HPC platforms.

Currently, ExaWorks SDK offers Docker containers and Spack packages for Flux, Parsl, PSI/J, RADICAL-Cybertools, and Swift/T. Each package is deployed and tested on a growing number of DoE HPC platforms. Applications teams can draw from SDK’s tutorials, levaraging containers and packages as needed to develop application workflows.


This project is under active development.

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